Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System or CMS for short is designed to support the management of the content of web pages. Your web content includes your text, graphics, photos, video, audio, and program code. If you want your existing WordPress, Squarespace, or other CMS maintained, we can do it! Or, if you’d like, we can design a website in the CMS of your choice.

Well written copy is an indispensable element of successful online marketing. Part art, part science, copywriting aims to increase brand awareness and persuades a person or group to take a specific action. Our customers receive effective written content strategically delivered to increase your brand visibility and rankings in search engines leading your potential clients to your website. Our skilled copywriters are well versed in creating work for web pages, advertisements, public relations, corporate communications, blogs, and social media.
Custom Program Development

As your partner, Spin A Web Designs assists you in understanding your business needs to create a custom software platform. We are prepared to help you at any stage of software development: conception, analysis, testing, and implementation. Through market research and analysis we generate solutions to your business needs. We are happy to offer our assistance and expertise in creating a unique product to help your reach your business objectives and your target audience.
Database Management

Having data alone does not equal effective management. Today’s successful businesses rely not just on data, but on how that data is managed and understood. Spin A Web Designs establishes a collaborative environment with our clients to ascertain needs and wants. Within our partnership, we create a database to fit your business providing solutions and tools to produce better decisions.

“A data-driven company is an organization where every person who can use data to make better decisions, has access to the data they need when they need it.” – Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense

Question: What should be working for your business 24/7?
Answer: Your website.

E-commerce through your website should be working for you around the clock. If someone is buying or selling goods or services online they are part of the e-commerce market. According to the US Census Bureau, e-commerce estimates for 2016 approximately $394.6 billion, which is an increase of 15.1% from 2015. E-commerce is growing. Are you growing with it? Spin A Web Designs understands customized online sales and marketing to incorporate into your viable business growth plan.
Email Marketing

Creative marketing is paramount in reaching your desired audience. Should all your marketing emails consistently reflect your visual brand? Do you want a clever subject line to grab your audience’s attention? Who is your audience? At Spin A Web Designs we help you answer those questions and many, many more. You want more than to just have your message delivered to an inbox. You want your potential customer to learn about your products and services; allowing them the choose you and become your current customer.
Mobile App Development

With 80% of time most Americans spent on their mobile devices a mobile app hardly needs an introduction. Where most businesses go wrong is thinking that mobile apps are for big brands like Walmart, Apple, and the banking companies of today. Mobile apps are an effective mobile e-strategy that takes your marketing to the next level by integrating into your customer’s daily life. Spin A Web Designs loves to spend time thinking how we can consistently reach your target market. For example, pretend you are your local coffee shop that rewards your loyal customers with receiving a free cup of coffee after every five purchases. Now, what if Spin A Web turned that easily lost card into a mobile friendly app that not only tracks each purchase, but reminds your clientele that it’s time for more coffee? Think of having a friendly, up-beat, daily reminder reaching your clients through a custom mobile app informing them that you are there to serve their needs – even when you are building your business one cup of coffee at a time.

In a world of selfies and point-and-shoot photos, be the person that choses the Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz photo. Choose quality over quickness. Professional photography is more than a great camera, it takes skill and instinct to connect an advert to a buyer. Buyers will decide if they want to follow your link, look at your projects, and view your services and inventory if the first impression you make is a positive one. Spin A Web Designs understands that your businesses’ photo seen online is typically THE first impression of your business a potential client receives. Our team uses seasoned professionals to ensure every shot captures the detail necessary to tell your story and build your brand.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Well written Search Engine Optimization or SEO, makes your website easy for search engine robots and users to understand what your website is about. Writing SEO is a process that affects website visibility and allows your site to be more frequently visible. Spin A Web Designs understands that the more visible your website, the more visitors it will receive, and the more likely these visitors will become customers. SEO is a never ending evolution to position and drive your brand. Spin A Web Designs is prepared to create a healthy content profile and evolve with your business to lead your potential clients to your website and not your competitors.
Social Media Marketing

Social Medial Marketing is a program designed to create content on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – to name a few – where by the users of the social network will take an action such as “Liking” a post or “Share” a post with their social network “friends”. These actions by users of social networks drive your brand exposure and customer base. Spin A Web Designs through varying social media platforms, encourages a brand and customer relationship by leading your potential clients to allows you to form a relationship with your customer base. Spin A Web Designs wants to strategically create a social environment where you and your customers form bond and interact. Social Media gets you noticed and organically generates interest in your brand.
Web Design and Development

Spin A Web Designs realizes most companies fall into one of three categories; either you hate your website, you don’t have a website, or you love the website you have. If you love your website, then we are thrilled, truly. If you want to have a true partnership with a web design company to take your website from “meh” to “wow” then let us help you. If you don’t have a website, you need one. We live in an e-world and we are here to take you to the next level. We can design a new website from scratch exactly to your specifications. We can take your existing website from good to great, using your existing platform. We exist to serve and elevate you in your specific market.
Logo Design

One of the cornerstones in successful business branding, is the visual representation of the company. Simply put a business’s logo is critical not only in branding but also in attracting new customers. Spin A Web Designs offers logo creation to fit your brand, your needs, and create a positive impression to your potential cliental.
Ad Design

How do you reach potential clients while keeping you top-in-mind with current clients? You advertise! When you partner with Spin A Web Designs, advertisements using various media platforms are designed with a growth-focused mindset. Using your business needs and ideas we collaborate to design an ad that tells a story that motivates a potential client to action.
For decades, BarcaLounger has helped generations of families relax and enjoy life’s moments at home. Specializing in reclining chairs, motion sofas and pedestal chairs, BarcaLounger has become one of the most recognized and sought-after furniture brands in America. Building on our rich heritage and reputation for quality, comfort and innovation, BarcaLounger today offers modern and fresh looks, comfortable and casual styles and classic traditional designs, in a wide selection of fashion leathers and fabrics.
Desktop version of Barcalounger website
Mobile version of Barcalounger website
Founded in 1981, ASFD is an international, non-profit, professional organization dedicated to advancing, improving and supporting the profession of furniture design and its positive impact in the marketplace. Professional Members specialize in the design of residential and contract furnishings and accessories. Membership includes both American and International professional designers, trade affiliates and associates, professors and furniture design students. Corporate Members include suppliers of products and services to the industry and furniture manufacturing companies who wish to support the goals and objectives of the Society.
Desktop version of ASFD website
Mobile version of ASFD website
Renowned as a retail design strategist, author, trend translator and developer of both product and brands, Connie Post has built a career on understanding where consumers are, what they want most, and where they are going next. As the standard bearer of visual marketing in the home furnishings industry for the past three decades, she is responsible for the look of more than 20 million square feet of retail and wholesale space around the globe.
Connie Post web page with mural of surfer in furniture design showroom.
Mobile version of Connie Post web page with mural of surfer in furniture design showroom.
Catina is a freelance furniture designer and founder of Catina Unlimited Design, Inc. in Greensboro, NC. Earning a Fine Arts degree in DesignSculpture Concentration from UNC-Greensboro, her three-decade career has seen many successful collaborations with leading industry manufacturers.
Catina Unlimited web page featuring a four block design.
Mobile Version of Catina Unlimited web page featuring a four block design.
Kenneth Laird graduated from the Memphis College of Art in 1992. He was named Illustrator of the Year by the faculty and received three scholarships while in attendance. Later in 2002 he received his Master of Arts degree from Syracuse University in Illustration and graduated top of his class. While at Syracuse, Laird studied under many Illustration greats such as C.F. Payne, Gary Kelly, Anita Kunz, Tim O’Brien, Bart Forbes, John Thompson and Murray Tinkelman. Mr. Laird is an accomplished Creative Director and a passionate traditional artist at heart.
Desktop version of Kenneth Laird website
Mobile version of Kenneth Laird website
Christian themed & motivational apparel/accessories to help you share your path with God and to others. Apparel designed to help spread the word of God and encourage those to walk a path with Christ through actions.
Desktop version of Decision Designs website
Mobile version of Decision Designs website
Located in High Point, North Carolina – we are practically within walking distance to our many talented partners in textiles, leather, stone, metal, glass, upholstery and all things furniture. We collaborate with clients worldwide to create memorable hospitality spaces.
Desktop version of Westwood Avenue Hospitality website
Mobile version of Westwood Avenue Hospitality website
My small retail business needed a website to launch my store. I wanted a professional, trendy webs I was referred to Spin A Web Designs. Vickie helped me with the technical concept of how websites are designed and how it is so important to get that visual content and flow to keep the consumers attention. After many conversations we launched my GREAT website and it took a load off my plate. Since then it has been easy to contact her to get any changes or added updated information. Thanks for making my life easier so I can concentrate on running my brick and mortar!

--Ninette White


Tink’s Place home page featuring metal blooming branch necklace.
Mobile version of Tink’s Place home page featuring metal blooming branch necklace.
In taking every measure to help her clients successfully accomplish their personal real estate goals, Kathy Haines exhibits genuine care, dedication and professionalism. Recognized for her comprehensive knowledge and experience and as a specialist in the Greater Triad and Guilford County real estate market, you may trust in Kathy’s expertise and accurate assessment.
Desktop version of Kathy Haines website
Mobile version of Kathy Haines website
The website that Spin A Web created for us has significantly helped our business. They are easy to work with, created a great design and are attentive to our needs. It's been a pleasure to work with them for the last 8 years.

--Karen Small


Tim Small Automotive web page showing four riding lawn mowers.
Tim Small Automotive web page on mobile device showing four riding lawn mowers.
We are deeply appreciative of Spin A Web Designs’ many contributions to the progress and success of DesignCliq. I’ve had the privilege of working, over the years, with a fairly large number of highly talented associates, and Vickie and her team are exceptional. Their ability to turn outstanding technical and creative strengths into important business results is a special capability. Thank you for your willingness to go beyond normal dedication and having excellent response time.

--Fred Starr

CEO, DesignCliq

Image of web survey with five various pictures to select from.
Mobile version of DesignCliq web survey with various pictures to select from.
I have used Vickie Capes at Spin A Web Designs for several years. I actually found her on LinkedIn and sent her an email. I am a sales rep and wanted to set up a web site to send my customers with links to the lines I represent. She met with me and created a web site for my company. Vickie handled getting the domain, creating a format and getting the web site launched. She also updates it regularly and keeps it current. I love working with Vickie, she is professional and gets my request done quickly.

--Connie Flick

Furniture Sales Rep

Our club was in desperate need of a new website when a friend recommended using Vickie at Spin A Web Designs. It was the best decision we made. She designed a new website that was both beautiful and fun. We gave her the basics that we needed and she ran with it. She had it done quickly, and gladly made all the little tweaks that we requested. She was very easy and open to work with. We still have her make changes each year. I would recommend using Vickie at Spin A Web Designs for all of your website needs. Cedarwood Swim and Tennis will be using her in the future for all of our web needs.

--Paul Durant

President Cedarwood Swim And Tennis Club

Spin A Web Designs and Vickie's team of developers have been such an asset to me and running my business. They are easy to work with and great problem solvers.

--Kelly Irvin


French Twist web page displaying black and white photo of business services and basket of flowers.
Mobile version of French Twist web page displaying black and white photo of business services and basket of flowers.
The best part of owning this company is the many people I meet from all over the world. I love getting to know our customers and seeing them year after year!



West Lake Boat Rentals webpage showing setting sun over tree lined lake.
Mobile version of West Lake Boat Rental showing setting sun over lake and a picture of one of their boats.
At Vintage Audio Exchange you will find a unique collection of quality audio equipment, vinyl and accessories from the 1920’s through the 1980’s. Our inventory is vintage, classic, collectible, and so much more. We strive to offer a wide variety of quality products, with an emphasis on two channel analog stereo gear.

--Ed Parks


Web page of Vintage Audio Exchange
Mobile version of Vintage Audio Exchange