Email marketing is your way of informing, educating and engaging with your customer base. The emails you send out are going to people who have actively asked to be contacted by you. This is your goldmine to more sales. We help you communicate with your email audience through professional, creative and enjoyable email creation and distribution. According to our friends at HubSpot, “73 percent of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email.” For reference, that includes audience members ages 23-38.

Your Audience

We create forms on your website to encourage your audience to leave their email and other contact info to round out your marketing efforts.


Using an email platform we set up an account for you that will host all your email campaigns and analytic information.

Email Campaign Analytics

We can interpret the data to see which emails are performing the best, and know when to tweak our approach.

Email Marketing Services We Offer:

  • Form Creation
  • E-blast Creation
  • Analytics
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Campaigns
  • Promotional Emails
  • Email Reporting

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Email Marketing FAQs

Do you help clients create an email list?

Don’t have an email list already in place? One great way to do this is to offer some free content in exchange for their personal information. For example, if you’re a furniture retailer looking to garner the interest of more interior designers, you might consider creating a guide or a set of vignettes showing which of your items pair well together or how past designers have used your furniture. You offer this for free, and in return, the designer is getting something useful and engaging.

Can you create a variety of e-blasts?

After we create email lists, we then create beautiful and engaging email blasts that your recipients will be enticed to open. Whether you wish to send out coupons, newsletters, blog post roundups, or use the email to give a personal touch to your marketing, Spin A Web Designs can help you stay at the top of your audience’s mind through their inboxes.

How will I know if email campaigns are working?

Another essential service that we provide is that we keep an eye on the performance of your emails. From content to subject lines, to time of day, there are a lot of things that could influence the open and click-through rate of your email campaign.

You want more than just to have your message delivered to an inbox. You want your potential customer to learn about your products and services, allowing them to choose you and become your current customer. Email marketing is paramount in reaching your desired audience. Do all your marketing emails consistently reflect your visual brand? Do you want a clever subject line to grab your audience’s attention? Who is your audience?