Your business card is your calling card. It is the first point of contact between you and potential clients. Your business card design needs to reflect your brand, your message, and your contact information. It needs to be able to do all of this in a glance. Everything from the shape to the weight of the paper conveys a message.

Have you ever received a business card that someone printed from their home printer on copy paper? It conveys a particular message: “I’m just starting. I’m new. I might not be in business long.” Whether your company has a sophisticated and affluent branding or a fun and carefree, whimsical one, these looks are not interchangeable. The colors, the font, and the layout are paramount in making your first contact a successful one.

Creating Your Business Card

We get to know your brand before creating mockups. You then choose which direction you like and we will collaborate from there.

Keep Your Audience In Mind

A business card that is cluttered with too much information at once can be overwhelming.

Color and Font

Business cards are small, and choosing a font that is proportionate to the overall size of the card is important.

Your Business Cards Will Be:

  • Engaging
  • Memorable
  • Breathtaking
  • Easy to Read
  • Succinct
  • Unique

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Business Card Design FAQs

What does the logo design process look like?

We will speak with you about your goals, brand, history before we begin one of three logo design sketches. Each of these sketches just like in web design will give you a proposed “direction.” After you approve to go in one direction, we will create a mockup of your business card. We will have taken into account all the information conveyed in previous conversations. That mockup will be presented to you, and any revisions that you have will be implemented. Only upon your final approval will we send those graphic vector files to the printer of your choice.

What should be included in the design?

One thing to do when a business card is created is to keep your customers in mind with the inception of the overall design. Also, keep in mind the modes of communication your audience might prefer. If you think your audience might prefer quick texts or emails, indicate your availabilities and that you are ok with texting!

Business cards are relatively small and choosing a font that is readable and proportionate to the overall size of the card is extremely important. This can be the thing that makes it look more or less busy. Also, if the words on your business card are not readable either due to the choice in colors or the font, this could also cause your card to land in someone’s trash can.

There are certain pieces of information you want to include on your business card. Even if nothing else makes it onto the design, you want to add your name, what it is you do, contact information, a website in connection to your brand, and a QR code if you have one. This way, you leave nothing to chance and give prospective clients every chance to reach out to you!

Instead of relying on a template, give Spin A Web Designs a call so that you can have your own unique business card designed for you by our graphic designer. Make a great, lasting impression today!