What is a Landing Page and Why Do I Need It?

Good content offered without a landing page, is like bait without a fishing pole.  You can catch the attention of the fish, but you can’t catch them! Landing pages are an important part to setting up a successful website, because it increases the chances of catching your fish, and converting your website traffic into actual leads.     

What is a Landing Page? 

A Landing Page, is a website that is part of your website, but is specifically created for the purpose of converting visitors into leads, and provides a way to capture email addresses, names, and phone numbers.  

What are the Parts of a Good Landing Page? 

1) The Offer 

You can’t have a Landing Page, without an offer. You have to give your audience something in return for their information. This is your bait. Useful content, worksheets, and  E-books are all good offers to provide. Make sure you are offering different kinds of content, for each stage of your marketing funnel. For example, someone who just landed on your site would be more interested in a broader content offer, and someone who is closer to  making a decision on purchasing, would be offered more specific content.  

2) The Page 

After you have built out your offer, content, and curated it to the right stage of the marketing funnel that you are trying to reach, the second step is to actually build a Landing Page.  The page should be focused on the offer, and should not have unrelated copy that might confuse the reader. A compelling headline, image, a paragraph or two explaining why the content is valuable, and a lead capture form.  You don’t want to ask for too much information from your leads, or they will leave the page. Just ask for basic information on your forms such as: name, email, phone number, and job title.  

3) It’s Promotion

It is important to promote your landing page through links on your blog, social media, and on your website. The goal is to drive traffic to your Landing Pages, to capture their information. Once you have their email, you can start the process of lead nurturing, and gauge how close your leads are to buying your product or service.  


When done well,  landing pages can have many benefits for your business. They not only help you grow your email list, but they also improve brand awareness, credibility, help you gain insight on your audience, and increase conversions.  

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