Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

You just launched your newly designed and developed custom website or maybe you had an old one redesigned – and you love  your new site. It’s everything you were hoping for and yet you are having no luck getting visitors to land on your site. There could be a few reasons why your website isn’t attracting customers: 

Your Website is Too New 

Sites that have just made their debut on the world wide web take some time go get recognized by search engines. Even if the site is well designed, runs quickly and is being optimized for SEO, it takes some time to move up the ranks. It can be a few months before the starts ranking on Google.  This is completely normal, have patience. However, if after a couple of months, the site is still not ranking the way you would like, it is time to troubleshoot. 

You Don’t Have a Blog or Social Media Accounts 

Google loves blogs and social media posts. Why? Because we’re being social, getting out there and sharing information. Having a blog and social media can help you develop your brand, grow it’s reputation, and give customers more platforms in which to discover you on the web. Social media is a place for you to share the content you have published on your blog, and to show your customers who you are, what you like, why they should trust you. The blog helps to develop your reputation as an industry leader and to provide useful, relevant content to your potential customers. Be helpful, but be careful not to oversell. A well written blog will drive more traffic to your site.  

Your Website isn’t User-Friendly 

Your website visitor wants to know who you are and what you offer in the first few seconds. As overstimulated humans we have learned to decide how we feel and if we are happy with they way you are presenting your business to us in about 8 seconds.  That’s not a lot of time! Your website needs to be easy to navigate and enjoyable to move throughout. Make sure each page has a clear purpose and embed call-to-actions to keep your visitor engaged. User interface design is an important part of a customer’s whole experience they have when they visit your site.  

You Don’t Have Engaging or Consistent Copy 

A well designed website isn’t enough to drive customers to your site. For a site to work the copy on your site needs to be outstanding. It should be engaging, well written, consistent and have a clear and consistent message. Too much irrelevant copy can lead to confusion and distrust. You have a lot to say…say it well, with creative hooks and intelligently offered wording. 

Published by sawd